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Draytek Routers

Draytek Vigor 3300V


The Vigor 3300V provides optional 4/8 port integrated FXO or FXS VoIP module to connect to PBX or phone to minimize voice operation cost.

It provides similar voice quality, reliability as the traditional telephones and security conversion to business users.

With T.38 fax over IP support, customers can provide real-time, secured, reliable and free fax service.

The Vigor 3300 series delivers enterprise-level security router services for small and medium sized companies.

These products combine Virtual Private Network (VPN) 200 tunnels with robust firewall, load balance, web content filtering, QoS, bandwidth guarantee, management, secure administration, and high availability capabilities to meet the increasing demand for reliable, security broadband business services.

The enterprise-level security router provides further IPSec VPN to achieve the objectives of high scalable, confidential e-business, branch office interconnection and remote access applications. By using a hardware-based accelerator with DES/3DES/AES/HMAC-SHA-1/HMAC-MD5 encryption, the Vigor3300 series supports low latency and high performance IPSec VPN for business application.

Robust firewall features provide rich security services including Stateful Packet Inspection(SPI), access control, packet filtering, securing against intruders/attackers and Denial-of-Service (DoS). Integrated content filtering function can block inappropriate web contents for protection on campuses, or offices as well as monitor and block prohibited web contents for employees.

The QoS (Quality-of-Service) function provides better services for selected network traffic over various technologies. The primary goal of QoS is to provide priority including dedicated bandwidth, controlled jitter and latency, and improve packet-loss characteristics. At the same time, these products ensure that providing priority for one or more flows does not make other flows fail.

The load balance and high availability features improve the network performance, scalability, and reliability in Internet networks.

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