Month: January 2012

Virtualization gains wider acceptance, survey finds

A survey from the Corporate IT Forum has found that more than 60% of its members are running virtualisation for server consolidation and to reduce IT costs.

“Virtualisation is established. It is a known thing. People are happy with it. The distinction between private cloud and virtualisation is becoming blurred,” said Dani Briscoe, research services manager at the Corporate IT Forum.

What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing

Imagine your PC and all of your mobile devices being in sync—all the time. Imagine being able to access all of your personal data at any given moment. Imagine having the ability to organize and mine data from any online source. Imagine being able to share that data—photos, movies, contacts, e-mail, documents, etc.—with your friends, family, and coworkers in an instant. This is what personal cloud computing promises to deliver.

The next industrial revolution

Economic advances now sweeping through China, India, and other emerging markets dwarf the pace and scale of the Western world’s industrial transformation in the 18th and 19th centuries. As three billion more middle-class consumers join the global economy over the next two decades, the resource landscape will change profoundly: demand for many commodities will soar, and new technologies will be needed to counterbalance critical shortages of food, water, and other resources.