Month: June 2012

The Game Changer: Small businesses take the lead on Big Data

Mobile devices and social media are prompting businesses to leverage big data to boost competitiveness, an SAP report indicates.

Small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) are waking up to the benefits big data can offer their business and are realizing the competitive advantage it can hold, according to an online poll of 154 C-suite executives at international companies, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of enterprise application software provider SAP.

Marketing Trends & Research Study: Video helps unlock mobile-ad engagement

According to Medialets, mobile ad engagement rates can be improved by 35 percent with the addition of video. A study from the mobile rich media ad firm shows that in the first quarter of 2012 mobile rich media ads containing video had an average of 35 percent higher engagement rates. The users who decided to expand these mobile ads spent a total of 20 seconds within the advertisement. Integrating video or product catalog information within ads can increase the average expand time from twenty seconds to over one minute.