Month: July 2012

London 2012 Watch: Olympics Social Media Spoilers vs. #SavetheSurprise

Social media mavens can’t help themselves, as details leaked virally this week following Monday’s technical dress rehearsal (that’s the crowd above) for Friday’s opening ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The ceremony’s artistic director, filmmaker Danny Boyle, begged those in attendance to “save the surprise” and even projected a Twitter hashtag (#savethesurprise) on the stadium’s giant screens, but spectators tweeted pictures of the event and chatted up that the theme (spoiler alert!)…

Cool things invented in South Africa

South Africa is lagging behind many countries in relation to Internet access and technology, but despite the challenges we brought the world many cool innovations!

South Africa is lagging far behind the developed world when it comes to broadband services and general access to technology. This has a direct impact on technology innovations in the country, but despite this South Africans have produced some of the world’s greatest inventions.

The country which has given the world icons such as Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Chris Barnard, Gary Player, Charlize Theron, and Lucas Radebe (and of course Naas Botha, and Riaan Cruywagen) has also provided the world with many technology innovations.

Facebook to monitor app downloads for ad targeting

Facebook Inc. is launching a new type of mobile advertising that targets consumers based on the apps they use, pushing the limits of how companies track what people do on their phones.

The social network is tracking the apps that people use through its popular Facebook Connect feature, which lets users log into millions of websites and apps as varied as Amazon.com, LinkedIn and Yelp with their Facebook identity. The company then targets ads based on that data, said people familiar with the company’s plans.