Month: February 2013

Broadband Taxes are Going Where?

The Treasury’s 2013 price range shows where the Division of Devices has been cash in the high rate internet space.

The Nationwide Treasury released the 2013 Nationwide Budget records on 27 February 2013, revealing that financing for high rate internet in South Africa has been put on keep while a high rate internet technique and rollout strategy is being completed.

“Be Aware of 4G System Curse” – Operators

South Korean telecom professionals have a concept for Western relatives who have lengthy seemed on in jealousy at the extremely linked Oriental market: Be cautious what you wish for.

South Korea, the globe’s most wired nation with 30 % of its 50 million cellular clients on fast systems, has motivated many Western operators before their own rollout of systems based on LTE, or fourth-generation technological innovation.

Best and Most Severe Cellular System in SA

New analysis by the South African Customer Satisfaction Index rates the customer support stages of Vodacom, MTN, Mobile C and 8ta.

The South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) declared its first set of outcomes for cellular system suppliers today, exposing that MTN is the premier cellular provider in the country. …

“Customers Still Suffer- Pre-paid Cost War”

Cell C lastly (sort of) causes a response from Vodacom and MTN.

It’s been nine several weeks since Mike Knott-Craig made his first big shift as Mobile C CEO. In May last season, six several weeks after taking the job, he reduced prepaid prices to 99c per moment (with per second billing). This was followed by the flat-rating of all Mobile C’s charges, with agreement, top-up, prepaid and worldwide calling to a lot of nations cut to the 99c per moment level.

South Africa – “War for Frequencies”

Broadcasters and cellular suppliers have addressed the second set up of ICASA’s Nationwide Stereo Regularity Strategy, with the former battling against a shift to punch them off their certified spectrum ahead of time.


On 21 Dec 2012, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) released a set up upgrade of the National Radio Frequency Plan (NRFP) and requested all spectrum owners to publish opinion by 15 Feb 2013.

ADSL cash really goes where?

You may be amazed where the cash goes which you pay to your ISP for an ADSL service.

Most of the cash which you pay to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for an ADSL service was up in the wallet of general suppliers. The issue, ISPs said, is that these general expenses can quickly be decreased.

Seeds Technical trader Shows SA Candidates

Venture financial commitment finance, 88mph, says it has chosen nine local start-ups for its accelerator program for 2013.


88mph makes financial commitment strategies in beginning on mobile-web organizations concentrating on the Africa market, concentrating simply on concepts with prospective to range across Africa.

Provantage Releases Transit Television

Following on from the incredibly successful execution of airport.tv, leading Out of House agency, Provantage has declared the release of Transit Tv. The innovative foundation comes at once when promoters globally are implementing electronic press systems as a creative method of growing arrive at and regularity in the ever fragmenting press scenery.