Month: May 2013

Why the SABC Matters: The Turned Reality about our Transmitting Beacon

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), is one of the most overlooked, regularly assaulted community enterprise within the developing condition. In examining the part that SABC performs in community, there ought to be a ‘transition of thought’ beyond limiting ourselves to business government problems.


This is not to claim that business government problems are not important for community organizations. Actually, it is business government that gives community organizations genuine responsibility. We must, however, note though that greatest arbiters of community value in the viewpoint of transmitting, such as authenticity thereof surprisingly are not attention categories (pre-occupied with control and business government issues) but hearing, eyes and comments of people of the Republic and standard individuals within prolonged boundaries.

You are hired! Well, sort of!

There might be a choosing lock up, leading to profitable independent perform for the old benefits, but that will soon come to an end and then they need to discover those younger celebrities to be a part of the market.


For a while now, most multi- nationwide press organizations in South Africa have been play fighting with tight system guidelines to lock up all new employs and have presented difficult alternative procedures. The objective has been excellent, but as we all know the street to terrible is presented with excellent objectives.

ADSL Wireless Router Protection Issue in SA

A large amount of ADSL routers from South Africa Online surfers are relatively readily available from the web thanks to standard security passwords for distant assistance records staying the same.


Using the web page ShodanHQ, a participant was able to quickly get a list of routers in South Africa available from the Online.

How South Africa is Failing at the Internet

Kevin Lings, chief economist at economical services company, Stanlib, says that by unable to grasp the importance of providing Online accessibility and faster high speed internet speeds, South Africa is missing-out on a significant development chance.


The economist notes that international Online accessibility has expanded by almost 600% since 2000 to an approximated 2.5 billion customers, and is expanding by roughly 200 million new customers a season.

Slow ADSL? It could be a Cyber-Attack

A new kind of allocated refusal of assistance (DDoS) strike that took Spamhaus off the web for some time (and “almost split the Internet”) has created its way to South Africa, resulting in significant blockage on the ADSL relationships of contaminated clients.


This kind of DDoS is known as a Sector Name Program (DNS) boosting strike, and according to Cybersmart CEO Laurie Fialkov, began impacting his clients from mid-May (2013).

‘Sleep with your clients and beat your brand!’

Martin Lindstrom, item professional extraordinaire, who showed up on the cover of Period of time during 2009 as one of the globe’s 100 most significant individuals, kept his viewers fascinated for an whole day, discussing useful ideas at a meeting in Gauteng last Friday. The New You are able to Times and Wall Road Publication best-selling writer of Buy-ology talked about Promotion and the Electronic Promotion Trend.


When I requested Lindstrom after the occasion if he had any specific guidance for the press industry he responded, “If you are in create adhere to millennium oldies, adhere to your own conditions do not try to contest with on the internet, if you are in TV do not bargain on movie quality always transmitted in HD, find the durability of your method and adhere to it.”

Is Google avoiding tax in South Africa?

Google‘s tax debate is less about lawful issues and more about feeling, according to a tax law professional, but is the Online massive operating its company in a grey area?

google SA

Google’s tax matters have come under international research, as English authorities and political figures grill the worldwide Online massive for supposedly avoiding earnings tax, through various problems in Western tax law.

Broadband Internet Variety Certification One Step Nearer to Reality

Communications Reverend Dina Pule provided her budget elect conversation to parliament on 21 May 2013, revealing that ICASA will soon be able to begin the process of certification the highly sought-after 2.6GHz and 800MHz regularity variety.


Minister Pule said that public assessment on the New Broadband internet Plan was closed in May 2103, and the Department of Communications (DoC) was planning to take the plan to Cupboard in July 2013.

Black Middle Class: Aspirational and On the Move

The UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing lately launched the results of its analysis into South Africa’s growing black middle-class. Sandra Hamburger, company unit manager at The MediaShop takes a look at key results of the study.


A strong black middle-class (BMC) is probably one of the most crucial sections to the wellness of our country as this team has significant impact on enhancing our economy, motivating job development and causing a wider abilities base through knowledge.

How to Preserve Worldwide Data Roaming

We know that international roaming especially data roaming is excessively costly. And we know that, because it’s wonderfully successful for cellular providers, it is unlikely to change in the near future.


But there are methods to roam for less expensive. Many professionals (probably the majority) could not be worried about whether information costs R2 per MB or R128 per MB, because they do not pay their phone invoice – the company does.