Month: June 2013

SA Purchasing Online Requires a Step Backwards

While South Africans are more pleased with purchasing online, fewer are taking to the net to purchase, according to a new study from MasterCard.

online purchasing

The MasterCard Online Shopping study has shown that, of the 500 South Africa Online surfers interviewed, 91% are highly pleased with their purchasing online encounters – though the variety of South Africa obtaining the Online to buy on the globally web is down 4% from the previous study.

Press Channels Need to Look Strong into the Spirit of the New Consumer

In his book, The Upcoming of Promotion, Joe Cappo, of Promotion Age popularity, creates about a world of progressively doubtful customers neglecting more and more the increasing mess of traditional advertising and basically not recognizing or responding to the same old exhausted claptrap, gadgets and superficial come-ons.

Mass media

Of course, the promotion market can look at this with quantity of anxiety and the possibilities of smashing its buttocks trying to come up with intelligent and devious new ways of getting the interest of customers and then handling and adjusting it lengthy enough to flog products and services.

How much High Speed Internet Variety is Really Available in SA?

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) is once again contacting on the Division of Emails to launch details with regards to improvement made in auditing the use of radio frequency variety in South Africa.


“Spectrum is a source that needs to be assigned and assigned smartly if we are to have any wish of conference the focus on for 100 % high speed internet transmission by 2020, and usually assistance financial development,” said ISPA regulating consultant Dominic Cull.

Good News for Online Rates of Speed in South Africa

Akamai Technologies released its Fourth Quarter, 2012 State of the Online Report, showing that South Africa has shown good improvements in terms of regular Online connection rates of speed.

internet speed

Based on data gathered from the Akamai Intelligent Platform, the report provides insight into key global statistics including relationship rates of speed, attack traffic, and network connectivity and availability, among many others.

Cybercrime in South Africa a Crisis: Expert

At a latest morning meal briefing on cyber security organized by Neotel and the Mail & Protector, details protection advisor Beza Belayneh known as cybercrime in South Africa as a “crisis”, and called on the govt to make it a nationwide protection issue.


He said the condition needs to reply to cybercrime to avoid deaths in the same way that it addressed the HIV and Helps outbreak. Cybercrime is a problem, but to associate it with HIV and Helps is unsuitable and insensitive. It has not and will not cause to deaths at the ­levels due to Helps. Actually, according to cyberwarfare professional and educational Johnson Rid, no documented online strike has led to deaths, injury or damage to a building.

SA Students are Supercomputing Champions

The quickest supercomputer is in Chinese suppliers, the Tianhe-2, and operates at about 33.86 petaflops. Many nations say they plan to crack the exaflop hurdle in the next few years. For some perspective, your single-core 2.5GHz PC has a theoretical performance of 10 gigaflops. Tianhe-2 is more than a thousand times quicker than your computer.


Although South Africa’s supercomputer, based at the Center for Great Performance Processing is in the top 500 quickest supercomputers in the world, it is not one of the front-runners in the area.

Monitoring of South African’s a Wake up Call, Says Party

The revealed surveillance of South Africa and Turkish delegations during the G20 peak in England should serve as an awaking to government, the Religious Democratic Celebration said on Wednesday.


Party innovator Theunis Botha said in a declaration the “eavesdropping” which supposedly took position during 2009 should make government aware of its worldwide policy.

Young SA Director Selected at Cannes

Younger South Africa home, Amr Singh of The Fort, has been chosen for this season’s famous SHOTS Younger Director Prize in Cannes, France. Since its beginning in 1998, the award has reinforced and marketed growing worldwide innovative skills in professional movie manufacturing. It is held yearly at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival.


Singh’s movie Flower Seller will be competitive against a selection of the most skilled growing administrators from across the world. The nominees are chosen by a board of well known and worldwide recommended industry professionals. “It is an honor for my profession to have been considered for such a well known award. I think that it is an indicator of the standard of performance that is being produced in South Africa” says Singh.

How Customer Data Security Will Impact Business

South Africans have been working hard for six years and are now putting the completing variations on the first extensive details security regulations, arranged carefully with those currently under discussion in European countries.

Customer Data

The suggested Western regulations give on the internet customers the right to hold private details while using websites – which provides a task to the companies who have centered their income model on earning exactly this type of details.

Online Spying: SA Far More Intense than US

Americans are stunned and ­outraged at ­revelations that their govt is vacuum cleaning up information about their cellphone discussions and online surfing around routines, but in comparison to Southern Africans, they have little to fear about.

Online Spying

According to ­exposés by the Protector and California Postover the last weeks time, the US government’s intellect equipment has “direct access” – or a near comparative – to the techniques of significant isps.