Month: August 2013

Building Your Own Mobile Network

Left out by telecoms companies like the one owned by millionaire Carlos Thin, a distant Mexican hill city now operates its own cell telephone system to connect with the outside world.


Tucked away in a lavish woodlands in the the south part of state of Oaxaca, the natural city of Apartment Talea de Castro, inhabitants 2,500, was not seen as a successful industry for companies such as Slim’s The U.S. declares Movil.

Analyze the gap: Editor and Journalist need very different skills

It is every young writer’s desire to be promoted, and maybe become an information editor or sub-editor. I noticed this desire at the perfect age – and, with hindsight, was probably not prepared for it.


Journalism is very different to just about any other career, except in one regard. There is a perception that if you are excellent at your job – which is composing – then you will become an excellent something else, which certainly indicates ‘editor’.

R470-million set for E-toll Account Communication

R473.2-million will be invested only on interaction with E-toll members and transgressors, the Democratic Alliance (DA) said in a declaration released (26 Aug 2013).


This result comes from a research of the agreement between the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) and the Electronic Toll Collections (ETC) partnership, the DA said.

Concepts on Identification, Growth and Sustainability

At the Cannes Lions this season, someone put the following onto a food panel next to the level. Just two terms.

“F*!ck Advertising.”


That gave me a sense of fulfillment and comfort. Not because I have anything against advertising, or prizes for that issue, but because they noticed an essential complete philosophical group in my own life.

Press and Promotion Training from the Past

The launch a couple weeks ago, of some very disappointing ABC numbers displaying most publications and publications going anorexically pear-shaped made me wonder whether all the critique targeted at marketers was actually assisting.


Whether publications and publications were just doggedly adhering to an out-dated material model, in the useless wish that something would change and that factors would get returned to the way they were in the old periods.

South Africa’s ‘Black Card’

With the invitation-only United American Express Black Centurion card for the affluent and celebraties making headlines recently, we decided to investigate whether identical records are available locally.


Talk show host and press mogul, Oprah Winfrey found herself embroiled in a spat this month, when an employee at an upscale Zurich boutique refused to demonstrate her a $38,000 handbag.

Mandela’s Own Social Network Revealed

Nelson Mandela has plenty of roads known as after him, his own base, his own fan web page and now his own social network.


The web page mandela.is allows customers, known as “citizens”, to link, discuss motivational ideas, images and content in an attempt to replicate the apartheid icon’s beneficial effect on the globe.

Making a Better South Africa with Analytics

Declining tax earnings, requirements for keeping high levels of support, unmatched requirements for improved overall performance, overall performance, visibility and responsibility – these are all difficulties that government is experiencing today and the requirements placed on it have never been higher, as our community uses the social systems available to them to become more involved, talking and informed.


But how does government create the best possible use of the reducing resources available to them to address these issues, especially within such a vast, multi-layered and silo’ed levels within the community sector? How does government create the choices that will bring with the designed nationwide, local and local effect South Africa people are demanding?

Look for and Interact Via Incorporated Campaigns

Offering promoters incorporated press purchases that include electronic promotion as well as other press such as print, radio or tv, is a highly effective way for top quality electronic marketers to contend in a world where internet promotion rates are under stress and material has become commoditised.


Digital marketers, who efficiently program their material and promotion alternatives as part of incorporated press, can get an edge in the market by helping their customers to achieve better revenue.