Month: September 2013

Raising South Africa’s GDP by Mobile Phones

South Africa’s GDP per household is predicted to develop by US$241 a year between 2010 and 2020, due to an increase in mobile phone subscribers.


This is the finding of an analysis applied by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research on part of the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications.

How To Clean an ISP Off the Net

A number of ADSL clients with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that use Internet Solutions as their ADSL company revealed slow or no connection the few days of 13 – 15 Sept 2013.


Internet Solutions (IS) has verified the recovery time, with a representative describing that about an 8th of their digital subscriber line (DSL) deal with area was impacted.

Community Radio in South Africa

Like many, my Radio goals had their origins in a Community Radio place and like many, I had a desire of accomplishing professional Radio achievements.


I have a perspective I’m sure many would significantly believe the fact that community Radio in South Africa can do so much better than it is currently doing. These days, on my weblog, I’m protecting in particular the unsustainable characteristics of the present community Radio system.

The Globe’s First Electronic Laser Device, from SA

Sandile Ngcobo, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) specialist accountable for creating the globe’s first electronic laser device, provided what is probably the quickest conversation in the record of media briefings at the statement of the cutting-edge this week. He was standing up in the small, swelteringly hot room at the Nationwide Laser Center, thanked the CSIR for providing him to make the study, said the growth was interesting, and sat down again, to ­journalists’ applause.


Speaking to the Mail & Guardian on Wednesday, he was similarly self-effacing. Initially from Pietermaritzburg, where his mother and father and bros still live, the 33-year-old Ngcobo is a full-time worker at the National Laser Centre, aspect of the CSIR since 2003, and works in the statistical optics device.

Banking SIM Cards Scams Revealed

With the variety of SIM cards scams cases in South Africa rising considerably last season, the Banking institutions and cell phone companies are kept in a fault activity, with each party disagreeing that the other could do more to fight the exclusive scourge.


An improving variety of South Africans are dropping feed to this cybercrime of the day.

A Glimpse for Aspiring Bloggers: The Right to Write

Everything starts with terms. Words appear sensible of a mindless world. Specialists believe the fact that writing is one of the most healing workouts for any human being. I believe writing every day is important because it releases your creativeness, it reveals your dedication, and it keeps your feeling of wonder in existence. You will find yourself through the power of terms.


One of the simplest ways to keep track of your writing is by writing a blog.

SA’s Most Severe Customer Service Revealed

South Africa’s most severe customer service was discovered from within government departments and application suppliers, according to new analysis launched by contact centre experts, Interactive Intelligence.

Customer Service

The analysis was carried out by Workable Research among 1,407 participants between February and March 2013 in seven countries – Australia, Brazil, Germany, North America, South Africa, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The Increase of the Millennial Consumer

The globe is in a continuous condition of modify now more than ever before. Every day if not on per hour basis, new technological innovation developments, modifying the way we connect and communicate. The force for continuous advancement is providing increase to not just a new way of purchasing, but a new client and with it a new client mind-set.


Driven by the so-called ‘Millennial consumer’, the incident is so simple and very typical you do not even realize it’s occurring. But boy is it! This trend of consumerism is being headed by a creation that has started up in the electronic age. They do not experience any of the concern and doubt of the World Extensive Web, nor the regional limitations that restricted previous years.

Be Careful How You Handle Individual Information

Thousands of notebooks and related components travel between office buildings and houses on a regular basis.


And while taking records home is nothing new, all community and personal organizations handling individual information could soon face charges running into an incredible number of rands, if the individual information of their customers, workers or others is breached.

The Long Run of E-commerce in SA

Mobile, online-offline unity and easier deal techniques colour the scenery for where e-commerce is advancing in South Africa, according to Henry McKend, nation home for Google South Africa.


Speaking at the uAfrica eCommerce Conference in Sandton on Wed (11 Sept 2013), McKend provided the difficulties of doing e-commerce in South Africa, and coloured a picture of what the industry will look like in the next few years, according to styles seen by Google.