Month: June 2014

Cellphones Against Landlines in South Africa

Statistics South Africa distributed its General household study 2013, which demonstrates that just 5% of households did not have entry to either landlines or cellphones. This is much obliged basically to the high portable infiltration rate in the nation.

File photo illustration shows a collection of Nokia mobile phones in Warsaw

“The study found that there was high get to information transfers for families broadly, as just 5% of family units did not have admittance to either landlines or cellphones in 2013,” the report states.

Global PC Monitor Market, the Good News and the Bad News

An uplifting news; PC monitor shipments for the last quarter were much stronger than figure; the terrible news: the sector still faces consistent year-on-year decline, the IDC says.


Notwithstanding a proceeding year-on-year general PC monitor business decline, shipments in the part were much stronger than conjectures, the International Data Corporation (IDC) reported.

Is it Legal or Illegal to Fly Drones and Quad-copters in South Africa?

Local film producers and hobbyist drone creators have ended up on the wrong side of the law.


The issue of whether it is lawful or unlawful to fly radio-controlled and unmanned aircraft in South Africa is a complex one including three separate associations.

South Africa’s Mobile Traffic in Surge

Mobile data traffic in South Africa is expected to develop 8-fold throughout the following four years, at a compound yearly development rate of 53%, as per systems administration innovation firm, Cisco.


Worldwide broadband speed will achieve 42 Mbps by 2018, up from 16 Mbps at the end of 2013, Cisco said.

Is this the Best South Africa Could Give?

Well known market analyst David Shapiro said that he will without a doubt not put resources into a company run by South Africa’s recently delegated ministers.


These remarks took after the Fitch appraisals office’s overhauled attitude toward South Africa to negative from stable, and confirmed its FICO score at ‘BBB’.

Is Big Brother Browsing Your e-mail?

While security agencies center their search on offenders and the rich, why is Google taking a shot at making scanning all blocked messages not possible?


Somebody may be browsing all your messages. At both security organizations and cybercrime endeavors, many nerds are hectically filtering through messages that they have captured. This is occurring each second of each day, as far and wide as possible.

Digital Education, Is South Africa Ready For It?

Another report by educational book distributer, Via Afrika, outlines South Africa’s e-learning availability – and little doubt remains there is a very much a street ahead.


Out of South Africa’s 413,067 educators, just 132,884 have been prepared in essential machine aptitudes and ICT gear by 2011.

South African Websites Scored with the 2014 South Africa Election

The most recent IAB South Africa, Effective Measure facts uncover South Africa’s biggest sites.


Powerful Measure discharged its May 2014 South African site movement facts, which demonstrated that numerous neighborhood locales recorded their best activity ever a month ago.

The Bright IT and Engineering Experts in South Africa

South Africa has numerous IT and engineering experts, who are universally perceived as pioneers in their fields.


These incredible accomplishments are regularly overwhelmed by the difficulties the nation is having. This incorporates a poor education framework which adversely influences the quality of math and science education.

South Africa’s Taxis Gets Free WiFi

Telkom, in cooperation with the South African National Taxi Council (Santaco), is ready to initiate free Wi-Fi associations at taxi ranks and in mini bus taxis across the nation.


This is as indicated by Santaco CEO, Nkululeko Buthelezi, who told Talk Radio 702 that the undertaking is a piece of a change in the set’s taxi administration.