Month: August 2014

Free Wi-Fi in Western Cape Eyes Universal Internet

The Western Cape, Cape Town provincial government proposes to offer universal access to the web for all its occupants as it drives public use of Wi-Fi.


“By 2030 all people in high, medium and low income areas ought to have entry to the web by different advances, for example, open Wifi access, and/or versatile system integration,” MEC for Economic Opportunities Alan Winde told Fin24.

Going on a Vacation? Don’t Forget to Check your Facebook Profile First

A week before going on a vacation is the perfect time to check your social media profile settings on the grounds that it may make you reconsider what you might be uncovering.


“In the event that an individual is extremely active on numerous online social profiles, for example, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr, it is conceivable that they are giving an excessive amount of data and opening themselves to a potential criminal acts,” clarifies Tobias Arns, social networking master with the IT affiliation Bitkom in Germany.

Why you have to be careful with Smartphone Apps you are Downloading

Users of smartphones should be careful with applications you download. It could compromise the security on your phone. What’s more this incorporates banking applications.


IT security masters have been cautioning for months that shortcomings in the applications individuals download, coupled with fundamental human mistakes could bring about spyware or malware on cell phones.

What Violent Video Games Could Cause Your Children To Do

Think about the youngsters! New research demonstrates that violent video games are making little Timmy discouraged.


For those of you who are keeping track of who’s winning, feature recreations aren’t really awful for children and can make you very savvy, aside from when they transform you into a criminal or a forceful, weapon toting insane individual.

The Launching of Internet Map of South Africa

The South African Internet Map was dispatched in August, which gives a diagram of the biggest sites in South Africa. The SA Internet Map is accessible here.


Each site is a ring on the guide, where the span of the round is dictated by the site’s exceptional South African programs (its nearby readership). The more perusers a site has, the greater the ring.

The Success and Failure of Digital Copyright Protection

There’s been a bit of conversation about getting internet service providers (ISPs) included in the requirement of copyright law. The federal Attorney-General and Minister for Communications discharged an Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper in the conviction that:


“Indeed where an ISP does not have an immediate force to keep an individual from doing a specific encroaching act, there still may be sensible steps that might be taken by the ISP to dishearten or diminish online copyright encroachment.”

Pay R100 and Get R90 of Prepaid Electricity

Moneyweb has uncovered an evident broad practice where electricity affiliates unlawfully cheat residential buyers for electrical power. This typically influences end-clients in sectional title flats and townhouses.


After an examination Moneyweb can uncover that a Pretoria affiliate, Meinroux (Pty) Ltd., exchanging as Prepaid Electric, has been unlawfully expanding power duties and pocketing R10 for each R100 voucher sold, in contradiction of the Electricity Act and metropolitan by-laws.

How Google’s Android Continues to Dominate

A surge in low-price smartphone deals, eminently in developing markets, helped Google Android broaden its supremacy in the second quarter.


The report by business sector tracker IDC said Android telephone deals were up 33 percent over the previous year to 255 million units, and represented 84.7 percent of all worldwide cell phone deals in the March-June period.

Free Wi-Fi Expected by Travellers in South Africa

Another study has uncovered what explorers need most in an airport experience with access to free Wi-Fi!


The review was led by Travelstart.co.za, asking in excess of 6,000 individuals which offices they might most want to see in airplane terminals around the nation, with proposed choices extending from resting ranges to wellbeing, health and preparing offices, for example, a recreation center and a spa.

When Will Robots Start Taking Over Our Jobs

Another study directed by Pew Research has indicated partitioned notion on how progresses in AI and robotics will affect the employment and economic picture throughout the future decade from now.


The report’s distributers received 1,900 reactions from specialists to an open-finished address about the effect of counterfeit consciousness and automated on the eventual fate of jobs!