Month: October 2014

Purpose for Naspers Sites Shutdown Plans

Naspers’ MIH Internet Africa Group is recognizing to close some non-center brands, for example, Style36 and 5rooms


MIH Internet Africa Group, the Internet arm of Naspers in Africa, affirmed that it is recognizing shutting some non-center brands, like Style36 and 5 Rooms. The organization said that it is counseling with staff.

Economic Growth Threatened by Taxes on Information Technologies

Governments around the globe, especially in developing markets, are raising charges on information technologies, undermining to block financial development and moderate consumers’ reception of smartphones and Internet access, a report to be discharged on Monday cautions.


No less than 31 nations, a large portion of which are in the creating scene, are forcing the harming high assessments on top of different deals or worth included expenses, as indicated by the report by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, an unprejudiced exploration aggregate in Washington.

Prized Possession: Online Obscurity

Web use has ended up at ground zero, with obscurity getting to be prized after years of personal info being shared online, says Alistair Fairweather.


People are fickle creatures. When any pattern achieves its crest, its total inverse is all of a sudden the following enormous thing. Technology is particularly prone to these societal mood swings. Take the latest surge in online obscurity, for instance.

New E-mail Service Launched by Google

Google Inc launched an email service called “Inbox” on Wednesday that will better compose messages and display information, for example, appointments, flight bookings and package deliveries in a more easy to use way.


Google said it was sending out invitations to chosen Gmail clients to test the new service. Clients can likewise email the organization at inbox@google.com to get an invitation.

Be Safe this Coming Festive Season

Bank customers should be aware of bank-related scams to avoid falling victim to them, the SA Banking Risk Information Centre said on Tuesday


“We want to warn customers to be vigilant during the festive season, especially around scams that promise you huge returns with minimal effort,” chief executive Kalyani Pillay said in a statement.

Handling Car Theft in South Africa Using Technology

Vehicles in South Africa fitted with following devices have more than 80% possibility of being recovered.


Vehicles in South Africa fitted with following devices and comparable engineering have more than a 80% possibility of being recovered – and short of what 10% shot of being recovered if not.

IT and Telecoms Salaries in South Africa

CareerJunction’s reviewed South Africa’s IT, telecoms and engineering pay rates focused around occupation capacity.


CareerJunction has releaseed its most recent compensation report, which demonstrates that managerial IT staff has reveled in a 20% increment in pay since the end of 2013.

When ATM runs Windows, how Safe is your Cash?

How safe is Microsoft Windows? Truth be told, the rundown of malware that has created significant headaches worldwide throughout the most recent 15 years is long – viruses, worms and Trojans have forced computers to shut down, knocked South Korea offline and even overloaded Google’s servers, writes Bill Buchanan.


Presently, how safe do you feel realizing that ATM machines over the world run Microsoft Windows?

Are Kids Cyber Threats to their Parents’ Wallets?

18% of citizens in South Africa have lost either cash or important data as a result of their kids’ online action, as per joint research by Kaspersky Lab and B2b International.


This number recommends that, notwithstanding the danger of youngsters experiencing cyberthreats, they can likewise cause accidental issues for their guardians.

Is the South African Government Actively Destroying Capital?

South Africa confronts a further credit minimizing in light of the fact that legislature is “actively destroying capital” by not sparing and acquiring more than it is gathering, as indicated by Efficient Group boss economist Dawie Roodt.


The greatest single player in the economy was the state, which accumulated income generally through different assessments, Roodt told writers in Johannesburg.