Month: January 2015

Sharing your Smartphone with your Friends and Family? Think Again.

According to research, there are dire consequences on sharing your smartphone with friends and family. Here’s why…


41% of South Africans take no “safety measures” when sharing their Internet-connected gadgets with other individuals. This is as per research by Kaspersky Labs.

No Burning Laps with the Future Tablet

It’s no fun when you heat up a heavy duty game on your tablet and it begins to get warm. Imagination Technologies, the chip design company that claims the MIPS processor and PowerVR graphic technologies, hopes to make a future where tablets are both capable and power efficient.


We should all trust that it succeeds, on the grounds that we’re going to need our tablets to handle progressively tricky workloads, such as making sense of dangers out and about or taking information from sensors and making it meaningful.

Will Space be Our New Home After Earth?

It might be too late and it is not possible reversing climate change, a few climatologists contend, and it’s just a few years from now before the Earth gets to be an unlivable place. The film Interstellar raised the thought that we might one day need to escape a withering planet.


As astrophysicists and enthusiastic sci-fi fans, we characteristically discover the possibility of interstellar colonization charming and energizing. At the same time would it say it is commonsense, or even conceivable? On the other hand is there a superior arrangement?

How Facebook Profits from its Users

Facebook offers its 1.2 billion users free service due to the promotion and advertising income the site produces from the time that users spend on the site.


Facebook’s recent apology for its Year in Review feature, which had been shown to lamenting father images of his dead daughter, highlights again the tricky relationship between the social media behemoth and its users’ data

Get the One Year Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft has declared that they will offer free Windows 10 upgrade for its mobile and desktop platforms.


Microsoft will offer free upgrade to Windows 10 for the 1 year after the operating system launches, Microsoft’s official VP of Operating Systems Terry Myerson said on 21 January 2015.

Starting a Company Using Lego by the 13 Year Old Kid

It’s never too soon to turn into a businessman in Silicon Valley. How? Simply ask 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee.

internet streaming

The eighth-grader Californian has propelled a company to create minimal cost machines to print Braille, the palpable system of writing for visually impaired people. The huge technology group, Intel Corp. put resources into Braigo Labs’ startup.

How to Get the Most of Your Social Media Marketing 2015

You have dependably been told your business needs presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter however you have yet to see substantial results. Don’t surrender! Here are five basic steps to kick-begin your social media in 2015.

social media

Set a Goal

You ought to set an essential objective for your online networking exercises for the year. This can be something basic like “expansion support in specials or deals,” “associate with existing clients and fortify brand faithfulness,” or something more perplexing like “Make an identity for your image.” Every online networking post for the year ought to somehow help you attain to that objective.

Is Your Keyboard Outdated?

Is voice just one more system to communicate with your computer, or should we say we are on the cusp of an upheaval in computer communication?


With the late obtaining by Facebook of voice-recognition organization Wit.ai, each of the four big players in the post-PC market (Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook) now have a significant infrastructure for hands free correspondence with your gadget.

What to Look Forward To With AI

Artificial Intelligence hasn’t created a doomsday machine yet, so need to worry!


The fear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) may one day betray its human inventors has been constantly raised recently. Prominent physicist Stephen Hawking, case in point, surprised by the ability of his newly-upgraded speech synthesis system to anticipate what he was trying to say, has suggested that, in the future, AI could surpass human intelligence and ultimately bring about the end of humankind.

5 Approaches on How to Make Data Less Expensive in Africa

Africa’s system administrators need to make a New Year’s resolution that they will make both make their data less expensive for their clients and to enhance the quality of the systems they are conveying on.


Information in Africa makes critical income challenges for administrators and they must be arranged to reach them head on when they spend on their systems.