Month: February 2015

SA Techies Sought-After

Western Cape’s Stellenbosch, eminent for its wineries and beautiful perspectives, is situated to draw visitor swarms, as well as financial specialists looking to take advantage of the town’s flourishing technology sector.


Stellenbosch – named South Africa’s nearby Silicon Valley– is required to see more arrangement stream in the town arranged around 50 km east of Cape Town.

Getting Ready for the Internet of Things – Mobile Networks

Transformations are beginning to happen off camera in mobile networks that might pay profits to anybody with a smartphone in the end, an associated icebox or an IT office.


Bearers have done things essentially the same route for quite a long time, with cellular base stations at their systems encouraging into a progression of specific machines at focal facilities.

Beaming Data around your Living Room through Light

Maybe, you won’t make it to Enterprise in the near future, yet you might one day literally beam data around your living room.


Specialists at Oxford University have built up a technology that, as per IEEE Spectrum, “takes light from [fiber optic data lines], increases it, and beams it all over the room.” The subsequent framework can transmit data at up to 100 gigabits every second (Gbps).

Google Helpouts’ Video Tutorial Services, Shutting Down

Google has declared that they are closing down its video tutorial service Helpouts on April 20, 2015 due to its unsuccessful development.


Google Helpouts connects clients that need help with specialists who can offer help over a live-streaming video session. Google Helpouts clients will never again have the capacity to set up a video session after April 19.

How to be a Better Social Media Marketer

A real accomplishment can’t be measured in likes, views and shares when it comes to social media marketing. But a bunch of experts in this field feel fulfilled once they think they have made leads and clients got connected to their posts on social networks.


To turn into an awesome social media marketer, you just must understand that your objective is substantially more unpredictable than getting fifty users to like your post and follow you.

Businesses with Shorter Names Would Most Likely Succeed

Composing a formula for startup achievement is similar to attempting to collect lightning. Estimates, when it’s all said and done, put the startup failure rate as high as 90%; there’s a reason “come up short quick, fizzle regularly” is a Silicon Valley mantra.


Seven years ago, an investigation of venture upheld firms via analysts at Harvard University found that ambitious people who have succeeded are more likely than novices to succeed later on, yet that still simply touched the most superficial layer of what works for company founders and why.

Why Use Hashtags for Marketing Campaigns

From the very start, when an early user proposed along these lines to arrange Twitter discussions, the hashtag is now part of everyday discussions, both on and off Twitter.


A week ago’s Super Bowl is maybe the best pointer of the hashtag’s transient development. In 2011 Audi emerged by being the first and final brand, at the time, to utilize a hashtag as a part of its Super Bowl advertisement. This past Sunday – four years on – 50 every penny of Super Bowl promotions emphasized hashtags.

It’s a Bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the Come Back of the Satellite Internet!

SpaceX, Facebook, Virgin Galactic and Google have all reported real activities that would help unite the world – particularly expanding countries to the Internet. But the next thing in worldwide connectivity isn’t going to be in underground cables, so much as it will be over your head. It begins with satellites, yet it gets a bit stranger.


Back in the nineties, when we initially began to understand the promise of this whole “Internet” thing, satellite Internet access represented the promise of the future: High speeds, delivered anywhere, without waiting for your local phone company or cable provider to build out the infrastructure necessary for broadband access. The truth was less glitzy.