Month: May 2015

The Booming E-commerce Economy of Africa

Africa’s e-commerce environment now has a dependable balance in an extensive variety of nations, a few undeniable yet numerous more subtle. Similarly as with m-money, it will develop in a few spots but less so with others.


Russell Southwood reviews how things will change and who the winners and losers will be in the telecoms and web industry.

South Africa’s E-commerce, Revolutionised by Smartphones

The development of smartphones in South Africa is reforming e-commerce; however marketing managers have yet to acknowledge that it’s not just affluent individuals who now have the gadgets.


“Most advertisers comprehend that their clients in the higher band of the Living Standards Measure (LSM) are digitally empowered and basically versatile in their conduct.

Facebook Looking to Games for Slow Messenger Apps

Facebook is looking toward games as the following application class for its Messenger platform. It’s an urgent moment for the activity as appropriation of the first rush of applications has been slow; with outsider designers fussing that revelation has been troublesome.


The primary suite of applications that Facebook reported for Messenger were just for lightweight correspondence: sending individuals emojis, sound clasps, gifs and so forth. Presently, right around two months into the dispatch of the Messenger stage, the organization is increase its enthusiasm for diversions, viewed as stickier and higher income applications more prone to draw enthusiasm from individuals.

The Battle for Nokia Map Unit

The mission for control of the mapping organization Nokia Here is getting down to a battle between two visions for the future of the automobile: one in which the carmaking giants of the 20th century continue to dominate and another in which software companies such as Google and Uber grab the wheel.


It’s also an example of an old-school industry battle for control of the supply base, centered on an expensive bit of technology that just a few companies can provide.

Facebook Beating Google

As more brands move their money to mobile advertising, Facebook has continued to sparkle over the rest of the market.


The organization drove one-third of all US digital ad growth for the fifth straight quarter in Q1, Morgan Stanley analysts write in a note, and Facebook’s business is accelerating while overall ad growth in the market is slowing.

Why Businesses are Turning to Facebook for Video?

There are more than one billion videos are viewed on Facebook currently. In the following five years, “the majority of the social network will be video,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during a town hall meeting last November.


The numbers appeared to go along Zuckerberg’s expectation.

How to become a Successful Software Engineer: Google

Google’s Guide for Technical Development gives tips on the best way to turn into a thriving software engineer.


Numerous individuals ask what they ought to do to turn into an extraordinary software engineer and here Google’s Guide for Technical Development can offer assistance.

Software that will Protect your Wifi Networks

An Israeli organization has created a device it says can distinguish if a cell phone interfaces with a fake cell base station or Wi-Fi access point, conceivably shielding basic information from falling under the control of programmers.


Two extensive European carriers are trying the device, which is relied upon coming to market in mid 2016, said Dror Liwer, boss security officer and fellow benefactor of CoroNet, situated in Be’Er Sheva, Israel.

Bringing High Resolution Movies to your Home – Ultra HD Blu-ray

After Blu-ray and HD DVD introduced the real-time of HD and 1080p films for the masses, discs were beaten to 4K by new services like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon. While the web is doing a large portion of the truly difficult work for 4K, the Ultra HD Blu-ray specification is finally complete which means we should see movies and players arriving later this year.


Besides being compatible with the 10,000+ Blu-ray discs already out, Ultra HD Blu-ray players will be ready for high-res 3,840 x 2,160 video, “next generation object-based sound formats” (think DTS: X and Dolby Atmos), more colors, high dynamic range (HDR) and even high frame rate video.