Month: June 2015

How to Keep your Phone and Computer Protected from Viruses

Anybody with a device must be cautious of virus when using their PC, tablet, or mobile handset.


PC infections are applications designed for harmful reasons and can infect a device without the owner being aware. Anyone with a device has to be careful of attacks when using their computer, tablet or mobile handset.

How to Hide Your Website Activities

Wikimedia, Bing, Reddit and the FBI announced plans to protect their site visitors by using secure HTTPS connections by default.


This week has seen extraordinary advancement in the push encrypt the web. Wikimedia, Microsoft’s Bing search engine, reddit, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation each announced plans to protect their site visitors by using secure HTTPS connections by default – or already have already adopted this policy.

Online Video – Why South Africans Love It

South Africans are hustling to embrace video and are observing more and extended rich media cuts on smartphones, new research shows.


As indicated by examination from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), local people recorded the second most elevated year-on-year increment in video utilization.

Supermarkets Find Supporters in Social Media Followers

Social media has turned into an imperative stage for stores to connect with clients; however retailers need to figure out how to control their history over their communications against the influence that their workers and clients wield on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.


Much of the time, it is the clients who are jumping the discussion, and regularly it is to the regale of general store administrators, as per three sustenance retailers on a board on social media at the Food Marketing Institute’s FMI Connect demonstrate in Chicago.

Goodbye SMS

Vodacom’s most recent numbers demonstrate an uncommon decrease in SMS volumes in South Africa, which takes a stab at during an era when instant messaging is skyrocketing.


Vodacom has discharged its budgetary results for the year finished March 31, 2015 which demonstrated that the quantity of SMS messages sent on its system dove in the course of the most recent year.

Google to Flag Slow Loading Websites

As much as we would adore for our mobile internet to be stable, there are times when it gets a little slow. It could be due to network congestion, it could be due to the fact that we hit our cap, or it could be due to the area we are in – basically there are many reasons for slow internet.


That being said, Google appears to have updated its mobile search results in which it will now tell you which websites might be slow to load based on your internet connection.

South Africa to Prepare for Civil Unrest because of Robots

One of South Africa’s richest men, Johann Rupert has cautioned that the nation needs to has to prepare for more civil unrest with technology advances set to cost more jobs and fuel unemployment.


“Tension between the rich and poor is set to escalate as robots and artificial intelligence fuel mass unemployment, Bloomberg cited Rupert as saying.

The Next Word-of-Mouth Phenomenon: Branded Social Media

When was the last time you accepted reviews from companions or family? If you’re like me, chances are good that word-of-mouth recommendations influence the decisions you make every day.


I’m fascinated by listening in on others’ word of mouth marketing’s (WOMM) association with social media. Social communities always join users with hundreds of other consumers that they know and trust. And, as smartphones continue to grow in size, social channels lend themselves even more to visual content that makes sharing so fun.

Smaller Businesses Turning to Mobile

Smaller companies are spending more cash on mobile solutions as a rate of their general innovation spending plan and plan to keep on doing as such, as per another SMB Group report.


Little organizations burned through 7 percent more and little organizations 10 percent all the more on mobile solutions as a general piece of their innovation spending, the SMB gathering said. The information originates from the 2014 SMB Mobile Solutions Study, containing research about mobile solutions selection among little (1-19 workers) and little (20-99 representatives) organizations.