Month: June 2016

Massive Number of Messages on WhatsApp Work Group: You Don’t Need to Answer

South Africans are going under pressure from work because of WhatsApp work groups which oblige them to react to and follow up on any messages sent by associates or bosses.


South Africa’s Basic Conditions of Employment Act expresses that representatives are qualified for rest periods, and managers can’t drive them to answer WhatsApp work group messages outside of their working hours.

How to Improve Your Router’s Wi-Fi Connection

Here are ways on how you can achieve the maximum strength of your home’s Wi-Fi signal.


Homes in South Africa commonly use broadband routers with Wi-Fi signal internet set-ups. You can use and connect different devices such as laptops, PCs, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and gaming consoles all at the same time with a Wi-Fi connection.

Goodbye Light Bulbs, Hello OLEDs

Light bulbs that transformed everyday life have already gone and the energy saving fluorescent bulbs that supplanted them are next. In their place, we now have efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs), which are little semiconductor device that produce light when an electric current is gone through them.


In any case, even these are frequently made looking like a traditional light bulb.

The Significance of the Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal to Promoters

What could merging of the two greatest charts of professional data mean for promoters?


While a great part of the discussion about Microsoft’s arrangements to purchase LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in real money has concentrated on amplifying its cloud business, there’s much to be considered for sponsors, especially B2B publicists.