Month: July 2016

A Modern Curse: Internet Addiction

Today, we can carry the Internet in our pocket, signing on whenever we want to. Individuals can be seen taking a gander at a screen wherever they are, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, to the point of it turning into a habit. On that note, it is having genuine results on how we associate with each different as individuals.


The danger is genuine

So what precisely is Internet dependence, and why would it be advisable for it to be a going concern?

Skills South Africans Bring to Australia

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics demonstrates a major leap in the amount of South Africans who have moved to Australia in the recent years.


Utilising registration information from 2011, Australia’s legitimate measurable association noticed that around 145,683 South Africans were living in the nation – eighth behind the UK, New Zealand, China, India, Italy, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Banana VS USB Flash Drive: Which is Better?

Here’s a survey of one of the most neglected pieces of technology out there – the USB flash drive.


A USB flash drive is a cool piece of tech. It is little and generally shoddy and permits you to bear a pack of movies, TV episodes, photographs, and PowerPoint presentations in your pocket.

Pokemon GO: How Much Data and Battery it Consumes

Pokemon GO is now trending like a storm, the application is now overshadowing Twitter.


As the amusement obliges you to have a consistent data or Wi-Fi association, camera elements, and GPS empowered, it is additionally a noteworthy battery and information utilization concern.

Programmatically Delivering Native Ads: Google

Advertisers can now purchase local advertisements automatically in DoubleClick Bid Manager, Google said Tuesday at its DoubleClick Leadership Summit. Distributors can likewise make their whole local advertisement stock on the web and in applications accessible automatically.


The move, which was normal, comes almost two months after the hunt monster said it would permit distributors to offer local promotions in deals where there was an immediate association with the publicist. Presently no such relationship is required, making it simpler for advertisers to purchase local promotions voluntarily over all screens and organisations, Google said.

The Trending Success of Pokémon GO

To achieve massive market success, one must attain a “killer app“.


For the touch screen, it was the iPhone; for wearables, the Fitbit. Expanded reality diversions have been around for over 10 years, so what was it about Pokémon GO that permitted it to wind up a worldwide wonder?

The Future of Advertising is Music

Music is frequently used to relate people to feelings, sentiments, reminiscence and things under the surface. Brands like Coca-Cola and Lunch Bar, nonetheless, have demonstrated that music can be a keen advertising medium and not just to trigger emotions. Music correlates, so why not attach people to brands the same way?


More than whatever else, music affects our cerebrum and feelings. There are different reasons why music is a vital promoting device, however feeling is something the vast majority offer, which makes it all the more imperative for advertisers to tune into music showcasing.