Static IP over ADSL

The Artery can offer you static IP via your ADSL line.

The speed is dependant on your ADSL i.e. if you have a 4mb ADSL line we will allow the full speed.

All other Internet service providers throttle your download speed.

We offer you 5 usable public IP addresses. You will need a firewall, this can be supplied and maintained if required..


We have implemented our own Radius Server.

According to The Artery, the functionality is very unique, whereby allowing DNS updates every time an ADSL connection is established.

This enables Virtual Private Networks to connect without the aid of Dynamic DNS.

There are a few advantages to this, namely:

VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

Virtual Private Networks are a means of creating a secure connection between two locations using an internet connection.

Traditionally, leased lines would be used to connect multiple locations which are not a viable for an SME from a cost perspective. 

You can run different services through your VPN connection i.e. Voice over IP and data communication.

For example, if you are running a Server at the head office you can now get your branches to connect to the Server via a VPN.

You could also get your remote users to save their files on the server so you only have one administration point on your network, such as centralised backups etc.

All VPN’s are maintained and monitored on a 24 hour basis.


The traditional PABX is becoming a thing of the past. New technologies enable The Artery to implement IP PABX’s.

Many traditional PABX supplies would sign you into a 60 month contract and supply you with an entry level PABX. With the introduction of IP PABX’s hardware and software devices, you can now implement IP PABX’s with a huge amount of functionally.

You can now truly take advantage of leased cost routing. In the past, a company would install premi cells where on an IP PABX the leased cost routing is done at the data centre, which allows us to negotiate better rates with the mobile carriers due to the volume.

Inter branch communication can be achieved using Internet connections at no additional cost. National and International calls are also discounted, passing more savings over to you..