Age Doesn’t Matter to Become a Top South African Entrepreneur

MyBroadband takes a look at South Africa’s top innovation business people, at what age they established their companies, and what they did before beginning those businesses.


In the event that there is one thing one can learn from South Africa’s top innovative business visionaries, it’s that you are never too young or too old to start a successful business.

A number of South Africa’s top innovative business visionaries, including Vinny Lingham, Matthew Tagg, and Rob Stokes, began fruitful tech endeavors while they were still quite young.

Other tech business visionaries, Herman Heunis and John Holdsworth, established fruitful organizations once they had some experience under their their belts!

MyBroadband made up for lost time with some of South Africa’s fruitful innovation business people to take a look at when they established their best ventures, and what they did before they were successful entrepreneurs.


At the point when individuals began their businesses

It is barely astonishing that numerous innovative business visionaries began their organizations when they were still young. Nonetheless, this is not the situation with all tech entrepreneurs.

Numerous business people opened their successful organizations when they were more experienced, utilizing their knowledge to stay away from basic pitfalls and upgrade their reach for achievement.


The accompanying infographic gives an outline of when some of South Africa’s top innovative and ambitious people began their great businesses.

What they did before beginning their businesses

There is a shared element when taking a look at innovative business visionaries – they adore innovation!

Notwithstanding, what is less known is the thing that these business originators did before they began their first steps.

Neighborhood tech business visionaries had an extensive variety of jobs before they began their first business, going from sales representatives to a deckhand on super yachts.

The accompanying picture gives a diagram of what SA’s top tech business visionaries did before they began their first tech steps.

Different organizations which they established

An ongoing theme in the lives of fruitful innovative business people is that they commonly begin numerous businesses: some successful, others not.

All business people who MyBroadband reviewed gave the same guidance: disappointments are a piece of business. Learn from it, and use this information as a part of future endeavors.

The accompanying infographic demonstrates the organizations established by some of South Africa’s serial ambitious people.


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