Banana VS USB Flash Drive: Which is Better?

Here’s a survey of one of the most neglected pieces of technology out there – the USB flash drive.


A USB flash drive is a cool piece of tech. It is little and generally shoddy and permits you to bear a pack of movies, TV episodes, photographs, and PowerPoint presentations in your pocket.

This is helpful especially when you need to store a few media and you don’t have uncapped 100Mbps fibre associations.

The issue with all the free USB drives we get from organisations is that they are typically 4GB or 8GB models, and are fit as a fiddle of the Statue of Liberty or some other configuration that does not give you a chance to connect it to an opening if whatever other associations are inside 10cm of it.

Contrasting Apples with Bananas to DVDs

I was entirely vexed about having 4GB stolen from me, yet I chose to look on the splendid side – the glimmer drive was still preferable at holding information over numerous other contending items.

As should be obvious underneath, an apple is much greater than the USB drive and not as great at holding information.

USB drive – little, can hold 30 1080p films.

Apple – enormous, can hold zero 1080p films. Likewise, goes cocoa and delicate, if left, presented to oxygen.

I comprehend what you are considering: “I wager a banana is greatly improved than an apple at USB flash drive stuff”.


For one thing, take a gander at how much greater the banana is than the glimmer drive. That is not fitting in the little pocket inside the greater pocket of your pants.

Furthermore, the banana broke separated when we attempted to embed it into the USB opening on my portable PC.

At that point there is the great DVD, however, this was not even a challenge.

I utilise the DVD drive on my portable workstation to warm up ham at my work area, so it doesn’t work legitimately – yet regardless of the possibility that it did, I don’t need the sound of a helicopter taking off each time I plan to watch a video.

Likewise, on the off chance that you leave a DVD in the plate and your portable workstation on around evening time, it will begin turning at the most extreme pace just to wake you up and advise you that you don’t claim a USB drive.

Ease of use

A standout amongst the most imperative parts of any tech items is the manner by which “buyer cordial” it is.

On the off chance that the item is excessively mind boggling, making it impossible to work, there is a high hindrance to a section for vast fragments of the business sector.


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