How Many of these 10 Social Media Blunders are you Committing?

Are you driving people away from your social media profiles?

Social media levels the playing field and allows the low budget websites and small business brands the ability to shine in a competitive, large brand-driven web space.

Unfortunately, mistakes are plenteous and they are costing small businesses their reputation. The big brands have millions of dollars to pump into high-priced agencies, but how does a small business owner know if he is actually achieving a high level of success or making critical mistakes with social media?

The first way to know how to do something is to know how NOT to do it. These 10 social media blunders occur quite frequently. Are you guilty of any of them? Can you add any to this list?

1. Too much repetition

If you post a Helen Keller quote one day and you receive a lot of RTs, don’t post it again for at least a month. Too much of a good thing turns into a bad thing.

2. Clustered tweets/posts

Imagine your social media stream is like a conversation. How would you like it if the person to whom you were talking opened his mouth for 10 minutes without shutting up? A “cluster poster” is someone who posts multiple times in a short duration. Space out your posting or you will be labeled a spammer.

3. Unrequited hype

If you post about a super duper, chance-in-a-lifetime deal, your offer better live up to your promise! If not, you will be like the boy who cried wolf. Just because you think your $5 off coupon is the best thing since sliced bread, if your competitors are giving away $20 off, the deal is not that great.

4. Sales overload

An occasional sales pitch is fine, but excess sales “lingo” will land you in the proverbial social media doghouse. I suggest the 90/10 rule—90% content, 10% sales.

5. Too much brand-related content

Avoid excessive chatter about your website or company. Similar to sales overload, brand overload is also annoying even if you are not directly selling in your posts. Add valuable content your audience wants to hear and you will indirectly attract people to your brand.

6. Infrequent posting

One Facebook post a week is not enough to show your audience you want to engage with them. In fact, it can appear that you business lacks the funds to continue your social media campaigns, which portrays a lack of success. Post at least 3-4 times a week on Facebook and several times a day on Twitter. Notice how your audience responds and over time you will find your posting sweet spot.

7. Off-time posting

Simply posting won’t get the job done. If your fans/followers don’t see your post, you will never grow your profiles. The best times to post will be dependent on your audience and the specific time of day. Here are some helpful infographics with data tested by Dan Zarrella, social media scientist.

Image credit: Dan Zarrella (@danzarrella) and HubSpot.

8. Not talking back

Most of us hate one-sided conversations, so why do we refuse to talk back to people on social media sites? Whether Twitter, Facebook, or blogging, when a question is asked or you are mentioned, always respond and engage.

9. No sharing

Remember what mom always told you about sharing. Share your fans/followers content. This is one of the unspoken rules of social media because it helps others to recognize you and value your brand for your consideration.

10. Twitter auto DMs

There is an ongoing debate about auto DMs. Personally, I despise them, but other marketers swear by them. If you must send auto direct messages, avoid sales and links to your website or to other social profiles. Besides being tacky, it hedges on “spammy.”

Can you think of any more social media blunders? How many are you guilty of?

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