In Decline: Mother of All Programming Languages

The “programming language of all programming languages” – C – is in decay, as indicated by programming language files.

In Decline: Mother of All Programming Languages

The Tiobe Index and the PYPL Index both demonstrate that C has dropped in fame from December 2015 to December 2016.

“The language was in a scope of 15%-20% for over 15 years and this year it all of a sudden began to endure,” said Tiobe.

Tiobe said C is “not a language that you consider while composing programs for prevalent fields, for example, portable applications or sites”.

“It is not developing that much and there is no huge organisation advancing the language,” it said.

The table beneath demonstrates the most prevalent programming languages on the planet, in view of the Tiobe and PYPL records, and their change from 2015 to 2016.

Top Programming Languages – December 2016
Tiobe Ranking Change: 2015-2016 PYPL Ranking Change: 2015-2016
Java -3.12% Java -0.50%
C -7.73% Python +2.40%
C++ -0.61% PHP -0.90%
Python -0.19% C# -0.40%
Visual Basic .NET +0.91% JavaScript +0.60%
C# -0.94% C++ -0.70%
PHP +0.13% C -0.50%
JavaScript +0.50% Objective-C -0.50%
Assembly language +0.61% R +0.50%
Perl +0.13% Swift +0.30%

Figuring the rankings

PYPL – “The more a dialect instructional exercise is sought, the more famous the dialect is thought to be. The crude information originates from Google Trends.”

Tiobe – “The evaluations depend on the quantity of talented designers around the world, courses, and outside sellers. Famous web indexes are likewise used to figure the evaluations.”


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