Less Than One Quarter of Small Businesses Have Social Media Strategies

Small businesses getting better at utilizing social media platforms to create promotional marketing and to reach customer needs. Yet, they struggle on finding out an effective technique and implementing social media in that technique.

Less than one-quarter of small businesses (24%) utilize social media as part of an organized social media strategy. Another 29% utilize social media in an ad hoc way, indicating that they are enthralled with social media but are not sure exactly how it can help them build success. That is according to the 2012 Small and Medium Social Business Study performed by the SMB Group a few months ago this 2012.

But even the ad-hoc users are more innovative than the 47% of small businesses that do not use social media at all. But that’s actually gotten better since 2011, when 56% were not using social media.

Here is what you should do:

If you function or work in a small business and you have a social media strategy, have compassion. You are maybe greater to your colleagues and probably your competitors. But what if your business is among the 29% using social media off the record? You are actually still better than almost half of your colleagues — because they are not yet using social media at all. Keep going and make use of this great benefit. Don’t crash behind now.

For consultants, marketing agencies and technological companies, the low clinging fruit is that 29% already using social media casually. They are already at least partly assured of the real value of social media, and so are more likely than non-users to be willing to invest on consulting, services and resources to create and bring out an effective social media strategy. What the informal users need is a better roadmap of WHAT to do and HOW to do it — and WHY. Tools also help by providing them a framework for using social media in their daily basis of business procedures and reducing the manual work. In your promotion initiatives, you may want to focus on these informal users with your messages and promotions.


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