Pokemon GO: How Much Data and Battery it Consumes

Pokemon GO is now trending like a storm, the application is now overshadowing Twitter.


As the amusement obliges you to have a consistent data or Wi-Fi association, camera elements, and GPS empowered, it is additionally a noteworthy battery and information utilization concern.

We tried Pokemon GO to discover exactly the amount of information and battery it employments. Look at our outcomes beneath:

If it’s not too much trouble take note of that your outcomes may contract contingent upon your telephone model and utilization. This is a rule of what’s in store for normal use with expanded reality (AR), GPS, and versatile information empowered.

Versatile Data

On an LG G4, we utilized around 4.4 MB of information through the span of 60 minutes. Amid the same day and age, an iPhone 6 devoured 6.5 MB of information in an application.

This matches different reports, which demonstrate that application will regularly utilize 5MB – 10MB of information over 60 minutes long stretch.

Interestingly, reports demonstrate that Facebook utilizes around 2MB a moment when seeing recordings and photographs on your timetable.

Battery use

Battery use is a totally distinctive story, as Pokemon GO blazed through batteries of the LG G4 and iPhone 6.

Over 60 minutes, Pokemon GO represented 8% of battery use on the LG G4 and 11% on the iPhone 6.

Since the application’s legitimate discharge in Australia, New Zealand, and the US, Pokemon GO has represented more than 22% of all battery use on our iPhone 6 and more than 30% on an LG G4.

Killing AR, utilizing a Wi-Fi association or empowering power-sparing settings ought to diminish the effect.

At the end of the day, this matches up with different reports that Pokemon GO represents a gigantic battery channel battery on all gadgets.


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