Power Increase to Hit SA Datacenters

Lex van Wyk, CEO of Teraco Data Environment says that ongoing power increase place tremendous stress on Southern Africa company, specifically with regards to IT strategies and career.

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) recently provided energy application Eskom an 8% average improve yearly over the next five decades.Van Wyk notices that an approximated 50% of an organisation’s energy utilization is consumed on IT resources alone.

“Many South Africans will take in a brief sigh of comfort that the suggested 16% increase was not accepted, but the comfort is short-lived with lower than expected 8% improve in 2013.

“The reintroduction of moving power shutdowns, the lack of servicing and planning and the shortcoming in Southern Africa energy is top of mind and intends company practicality and career in general,” said van Wyk.


BRIC Comparisons

Electricity costs in South Africa have improved by more than 170% in the last five decades, whilst costs in other BRIC nations (Brazil, Russian federation, Indian, and China) have reduced by more than 36% in the last several decades.

With increasing stress on the application in South Africa, the reintroduction of fill losing comes as no shock, according to the company lead.

Van Wyk said that seeking electrical power solutions is not always the answer. He approximated the almost 100% improve in the diesel fuel cost over a four year period, which would impact those looking to consider creator energy.

He said that Teraco Data Environment are designed to hold up against application issues through significant creator back-up energy, but the increasing cost of Diesel makes this an expensive solution.

“With an eager eye on effectiveness, together with investment strategies in power efficient technology, elements like chilling, virtualisation and colocation all become members to financial systems of range,” the CEO said.

Guy Willner, a Teraco board member, reiterates that energy is the real cost in the information center.

“Internationally, over the last several decades we’ve seen the costs design for colocation data centers change almost absolutely from an impact design to that of power. Floor area is now almost absolutely unrelated as well as and it’s assured accessibility is the greatest product exchanged,” Willner said.

“Given the improvements over the last five decades and the expected moving power shutdowns, this design is unlikely to be economically maintainable. The Eskom problems will force data center providers to modify their models in order to stay profitable.”


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