South African Companies that Give the Best Customer Service

Ask Afrika has uncovered the victors of its Orange Index for 2016/17 – which benchmarks service levels in South Africa over 32 ventures.

South African Companies that Give the Best Customer Service

The Ask Afrika Orange Index initially discharged in 2001, accumulates sees through 15,000 meetings crosswise over 33 businesses and 228 organisations, which are freely reviewed.

The point is to make a depiction for South African organisations, build up and keep up best of breed practices, and eventually support the nation as an administration goal.

Furthermore, as per Ask Afrika, buyers don’t separate much between administration connections – be it a brand, an open office or different layers of society.

“Clients don’t make industry particular separations,” said Sarina de Beer, MD at Ask Afrika.

“They analyse best-in-class paying little respect to industry. That is the reason we began this positioning, so it doesn’t simply reflect benefit levels inside a specific industry, in any case, looks at crosswise over divisions.”

“South Africans are extremely open to change. It really is ideal, since it has the impact of being the rainbow country and having experienced huge changes over the previous years.

“Be that as it may, that change additionally infers – and you can see it with the most recent decisions – from a brand viewpoint we are similarly open to change. In the event that I am not getting what I need from a brand, I am glad to glance around for something better,” said de Beer.

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As indicated by De Beer, the mission for devotion and customer duty is turning out to be progressively more entangled, so there are more measurements that dig in administration incredibleness, for example, notoriety, trust and corporate social obligation.

“Customers have opened this up – they are expecting much more from organisations, however under the umbrella of administration.”

Ask Afrika creates mark reports and workshops to offer direction around the specifics of the Ask Afrika Orange Index, sorted more than 10 unique benchmarks.


Best 10 companies for Customer Service

# Industry Company
1 Automotive Companies Volkswagen
2 Food Retail Stores Woolworths Food
3 Automotive Companies Audi
4 Fast Food Outlets Roman’s Pizza
5 Food Retail Stores Pick n Pay
6 Private Hospitals Netcare
7 Short-term Insurance Companies OUTsurance
8 Automotive Companies Hyundai
9 Long-term Insurance Companies Momentum
10 Automotive Companies BMW
10 Private Hospitals Mediclinic


Best Companies by industry

South African Companies that Give the Best Customer Service


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