South Africa’s First Solar Based ATMs

ATM Solutions says it has introduced what it accepts to be the first solar powered ATMs in South Africa at various destinations in Mpumalanga.


The ATMs,, it said, have been developed to provide back-up solutions during power outages

The sunlight based boards produce electrical vitality from the sun’s beams and store this in a battery while the ATM runs obviously on Eskom power. At the point when a force blackout happens, the put away sunlight based vitality breaks in and assumes control driving the ATM.

Amid testing, the pilot sun oriented ATM worked continuous as typical for seven full days without any force drawn from the matrix. When it used up vitality the machine exchanged itself off amid the seventh night, and after that again on the accompanying day once the sun was up and could energize the machine.

Wayne Abramson, CEO of ATM Solutions said the organization wanted to introduce more sun based fueled ATMs at destinations crosswise over South Africa that were not working at ideal levels because of steady power blackouts.

“Power blackouts are baffling for ATM providers and for the groups they serve. Whenever the ATM is not living up to expectations, the client is bothered. As a company, we’re driven by inclusivity and our rural ATMs often provide otherwise unavailable banking services to all. Customers need to know they can rely on these services.”

ATM Solutions is an auxiliary of Paycorp Holdings, and has a network of in excess of 5 000 ATMs the nation over.


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