Tablets VS. Consoles – Tablets Will Rule the Future

EA has anticipated that tablets will topple consoles by 2018.


An EA official has uttered that tablets will offer a console style gaming experience sooner or later.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said he accepts tablets are becoming in prevalence and will turn into a greater piece of the organization’s business going ahead.

“What gets us excited is the force, the figuring force, of cell phones and the velocity at which that is developing,” he said, including that in four years a tablet may have more power than a gaming reassure.

“Furthermore that will open up an entire new set of individuals to support style recreations that are a great deal more immersive, much deeper.”

Join this with the way that EA boss inventive officer Richard Hilleman as of late said the organization’s recreations were “still excessively hard to learn” and I think EA is fundamentally letting it out will concentrate all now is the right time and cash on making junk pay-to-win tablet diversions that rake in the money.

If you agree that tablets are the best approach, 3D Mark has revealed the best android gadgets for gaming. The outcomes are beneath.


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