Volvo Reaches Pinterest for its New Campaign

Volvo Cars of North America is hitting into the aspirational features of Pinterest by asking people to explain their perfect journey in a new strategy it desires will eventually introduce the item in a new way to distinct viewers.

This represents Volvo’s first venture into Pinterest and represents the release of the car company’s formal Pinterest route.

In the new marketing, Pinterest members who make a pinboard known as “Volvo Joyride” through September 26 and pin the Volvo model S60 T5 AWD along with their preferred journey and destination, stop-overs, spots, clothing, music, and other things that make up their perfect journey will be joined to win one four-day rental of the said car. The winners get additional journey advantages, along with a two-night resort stay and gift certificates for gas, food/beverage, clothes, and music.

Three winners will be chosen with the most re-pins, prefers, and feedback.

According to Linda Gangeri, administrator of marketing systems and technology, Volvo Joyride has over 600 members now.

And, so far, Volvo’s new Pinterest page has five forums, 77 pins, and about 775 followers.

Gangeri says Volvo had a smooth release on Pinterest last August.

“We designed out the first pinboards to emphasize the components of style that make our cars exclusive, show how pet friendly our cars are, how flexible your life can be with a Volvo and our various ideal cars over the decades,” she says. “This brand is a way of life item and Pinterest provided essentials to show that.”

In inclusion, Pinterest was a foundation of interest to Volvo because its potential viewers is women 25 to 54 decades of age.

“We are more of a women item than a men item,” she says.

Gangeri also notices Pinterest is a good fit because it is a visible foundation that allows customers to discuss what they are enthusiastic about. Users are already pinning style, journey, and product-related material.

“We desired to make an initial around the most well-known components that were being pinned with the capability to use the item on [their] conditions,” Gangeri says, including that it represents a move toward more intention-driven public marketing.

“Users who interact with with a item and pin a brand’s material have a superior objective to purchase those products that they pin,” she says. “Also, the top excellent recommendations that manufacturers are seeing from Pinterest are a sign of the attitude of their users list. We want to be where the top excellent engagement/leads are.”

In order to market the strategy, Volvo utilized style and way of life blog writer Victoria Cruz of sfgirlbybay to make her own Volvo Joyride panel and YouTube video.

Smith has 418,000 supporters on Pinterest. In her Volvo Joyride panel, she involved pictures of apparel, post cards, scenery, resorts, and music.

Six of her content straight force the competition, saying, “If you’d like to win your own Volvo Joyride go to the Pinterest Contest Board”


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