You May Not Know These 5 Google Features

Here are 5 extraordinary Google includes that numerous clients are not exploiting.


Google is known for its web index, with data on any point just a couple of keystrokes and snaps away.

In any case, numerous clients don’t know that it accomplishes more than answer questions like: “What happens in the event that I place metal in the microwave?”

The organization has incorporated numerous cool components with its web crawler, as point by point by a Quora string on the subject.

The rundown underneath points of interest five cool Google highlights accessible to clients, and one reward amusement highlight.


Sort “clock” and the measure of time you need to tally down from into the Google seek bar, and you have an in-program clock ticking ceaselessly.

Work with Chrome

Work with Chrome gives you “a chance to assemble something amazing” out of Lego in your program.

Number Speaker

Take a number you are uncertain how to declare, and sort it into Google took after by “=english”. This gives you the composed variant of the number.

Google Sky

Sort “” into your location bar to explore the universe in your program.

You can likewise sort in “/moon”, or “/blemishes” to see our moon and the Red Planet in point of interest.

Discover web text styles

Sort “ styles” to see what different textual styles look like on the web. You can change the content composed, thickness, inclination, and width to discover the textual style you like.

Reward Feature – Atari Breakout

Google Image look “Atari Breakout”, and play an in-program diversion.


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