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15 Employee Engagement Activities For Your Small Business

Employee engagement is more than a buzzword.

Time and time again, studies have found that higher employee engagement rates contribute to greater productivity and with it, profitability. According to the Gallup State of the American Workplace Report companies were indicated to also experience 37% less absenteeism and 90% less turnover.

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Finding the Right Software Developers

Looking for software developers are one of the greatest difficulties for businesses. Skilled developers get moved toward a considerable measure, and the demand for developers extraordinarily exceeds the supply.

Finding the Right Software Developers

OfferZen has propelled the main enlistment commercial centre in South Africa, making it much quicker and less demanding for organisations to discover and enlist programming engineers.

South African Domestic Workers Gets Job Relief

The South African economy has retained 37,000 domestic workers back into employment for the last two-quarters as per insights distributed by StatSA.

South African Domestic Workers Gets Job Relief

The details body said that local specialists right now utilized in the second from last quarter (Jul-Sep) of 2016 added up to 1.026 million, up from 1.013 million in the second quarter, and from 980,000 in the principal quarter.

Corporate America’s Future: Black Millennials

Black millennials should lead the way according to a new study.

Corporate America's Future: Black Millennials

That is the centre finding of another Nielsen concentrate on called Young, Connected and Black, which portrays the dark millennial associate in America as advanced, hopeful, extravagant and intelligent. They’re powerful. They’re intense. What’s more, they are moulding vital discussions about approach, culture, and amusement as they bring their disconnected interests into online communications. Referring to a mix of populace development, better training, and rising wages, Nielsen finds that the 11.5 million African American millennials are going to convey new buying energy to an advanced world.

South African Companies that Give the Best Customer Service

Ask Afrika has uncovered the victors of its Orange Index for 2016/17 – which benchmarks service levels in South Africa over 32 ventures.

South African Companies that Give the Best Customer Service

The Ask Afrika Orange Index initially discharged in 2001, accumulates sees through 15,000 meetings crosswise over 33 businesses and 228 organisations, which are freely reviewed.

How to Choose the Right LinkedIn Profile Picture

Previous LinkedIn representative Koka Sexton has given knowledge into what makes a horrible profile picture for the professional networking site.

How to Choose the Right LinkedIn Profile Picture

Sexton now runs Social Selling Labs, and expressed that “your online nearness is getting to be essential for your own image”.

How Developers Add Value

Obviously, developers add sense. Do we truly need to protect our place in the business? Actually no, not by any chance.

How Developers Add Value

Our place is secured solidly inside the universe of technology and won’t change unless there is a real zombie end of the world that compels us into shielding humankind with our cleverness mind, insight, and mechanical keyboards.So possibly the inquiry ought to rather be “how would we as designers include esteem?”

Skills South Africans Bring to Australia

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics demonstrates a major leap in the amount of South Africans who have moved to Australia in the recent years.


Utilising registration information from 2011, Australia’s legitimate measurable association noticed that around 145,683 South Africans were living in the nation – eighth behind the UK, New Zealand, China, India, Italy, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Massive Number of Messages on WhatsApp Work Group: You Don’t Need to Answer

South Africans are going under pressure from work because of WhatsApp work groups which oblige them to react to and follow up on any messages sent by associates or bosses.


South Africa’s Basic Conditions of Employment Act expresses that representatives are qualified for rest periods, and managers can’t drive them to answer WhatsApp work group messages outside of their working hours.