Integrated Marketing: YouTube TV’s offer for advertisers

Youtube TV may want to present a few specific new opportunities for lots content creators across the Youtube multichannel network.

Analyst Rich Greenfield stated in a new research observe that the provider will supply youtube creator content placement on par with linear television programming.

South Africa’s Most Popular Brands

This year’s product of the year awards, the world’s biggest consumer-voted awards program, have announced South Africa’s favourite brands over 26 diverse categories.

South Africa's Most Popular Brands

The study was directed by worldwide data and estimation organisation Nielsen, which tries to reward item advancement in view of the supports of more than 5,000 buyer family units.

How Influencers Make the Short-cut to Purchasing Effectively

With the presentation of influencer advertising, the path in which brands discuss and catch the market has advanced totally.

How Influencers Make the Short-cut to Purchasing Effectively

Chiara Di Rago, the influencer assistant from Webfluential, says influencers are basically the pioneers of the computerised world. Influencers can impact their group of onlookers’ conclusions and influence their buying choices.

Secret Video Ad Experiments: Google’s Revelation

YouTube secretly ran a series of video ads tests to help brands know what works in mobile video and what grabs leads’ attention for the most amount of time.

Secret Video Ad Experiments: Google's Revelation

The Google Unskippable Labs ran the analysis utilising 16 distinct recordings with minor departure from pacing, sound and different elements, including whether the vertical video was vital. Those with longest view-through rates were clearly the most convincing and could be utilised for thinking of best practices in online video.

Storytelling and Brand-building: South Africa’s Podcasting

Podcasting, a progression of series in a digital media format comprising of just sound, is as yet discovering its feet in South Africa.

Storytelling and Brand-building: South Africa's Podcasting

Unbeknownst to numerous, there is an energetic yet beginning group of neighbourhood podcasters investigating the configuration’s limits for a South African and African gathering of people.

Making Your Sales Pitch More Powerful

When you have a chance to pitch for a new business, it’s exciting, right? However, that fervor can rapidly transform into disillusionment when the presentation doesn’t go as arranged.

Making Your Sales Pitch More Powerful

The situation regularly plays out this way: You start by situating yourself and your organization, and exactly when you have an inclination that you are having some fantastic luck, you get interfered. The customer has questions. Before you know it, your plan has been captured and you can’t finish what you proposed. Sound natural?

The Speech Recognition Milestone with a System Like Human Ears

It’s a red-letter day at Microsoft Research: a group chipping away at speech recognition has hit a genuine typical objective with a system that is in the same class as you at hearing what individuals are stating.

The Speech Recognition Milestone with a System Like Human Ears

In particular, the framework has a “word blunder rate” of 5.9 percent, keeping pace with expert human transcribers. Indeed, even they don’t hear things superbly, obviously, however, 94 percent exactness is more than adequate for discussion.

The Verge of Digital Advertising and Traditional Publishing

When customary techniques for publishing are experiencing quick change, digital permits new chances to interface with readers and buyers.

The Verge of Digital Advertising and Traditional Publishing

Nonetheless, our gatherings of people are no more a given. Distributors and sponsors need to fastidiously tailor their substance to get by in a vicious media scene, says IAB SA CEO, Josephine Buys.

Interruption in our industry is the standard

The most vibrant PR industry in Africa: Nigeria

The development of the marketing communications industry in Nigeria has upheld the economy of Africa‘s most crowded nation.

The most vibrant PR industry in Africa: Nigeria

As per Tampiri Irimagha-Akemu, overseeing executive of Sesema Public Relations, a Nigerian PR firm situated in Lagos, neighbourhood PR firms are currently at a standard similar to anyplace on the planet.

When Memes Go Viral

When things become trending, following might seem to make no sense, netizens are compelled to like, share, retweet or take an interest in things on the web.



Have you ever heard the Baha Men’s 2000 hit “Who Let the Dogs Out?” You most likely have likewise encountered its fairly irritating yet exceptionally infectious snare being latched onto your subconscious mind for a few hours.